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We advocate for women and girls affected by rape and other violence against women and children.



Through our well organize programs, we educate citizens on the effect of sexual abuse, rape and other abuses.


We make use of technology in our effort to prevent incidents of sexual abuse and other forms of abuses.

Creating a Systematic Approach and Encouraging Collective Effort to

Ending sexual abuse across Africa


Ending sexual abuse is one of the many developmental projects that The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) is implementing across Africa. TGCI is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) that supports people who see themselves as global citizens and want to build a better world. Such a network responds to an urgent need for better grass-roots mechanisms that engage people in the processes of advocating for global values, finding global solutions to global issues, and building more participatory global governance institutions.


We bring together people and organizations from across the planet to promote global values and help solve world problems.


The Global Citizens’ Initiative is working in collaboration with the Liberian Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, and other key stakeholders to scale up and expand the impact of the successful pilot Citizen-Government Engagement Project.