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Our advocacy messages are transmitted to citizen via media (radio) and civil society networks (Youth & Women organizations, Councils of Christians and Muslims etc). Listen to our advocacy messages:

Avoid-Sex-For-Grades - The Global Citizen's Initiative
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How-To-Report-Cases-Of-Sexual-Abuse - The Global Citizen's Initiative
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Consequences-Of-Sexual-Abuse - The Global Citizen's Initiative
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Our education programs consist of organized workshops and training sessions on how affected or concerned citizen can send reports of sexual abuse or other forms of abuses to our setup platform. We also help educators learn how to identify children in their schools who may have been abused in a community or parental setting and bring this matter to the attention of direct government agencies and other community support systems.


& TEchnology

The fundamental purpose of our innovation is to use technology to close the communication gap and improve collaboration between citizens and government to address incidents of sexual abuse.

Our low-tech citizen-government-citizen feedback loop mechanism renders the following services:


  • Give citizens a means to report cases of abuse to an offline platform, manage by a specialist, and get feedback immediately.


  • Strengthen government agencies to effectively address issue of abuse, keep all cases and data received safe and close the communication gap between citizens and their government.


  • Manage handling of data by avoiding duplication and mismanagement of data received.



We use the media to create awareness and amplify incidents of abuse and put pressure on government to respond.